provides the 365-day promotion on the digiprom.network and inlucdes the opportunity to produce real time websites with a long-term marketing focus for digiprom.solutions or your preferred partner or clients..


promote digiprom.solutions and other services in a teriffic new way and start to gain useful data.


promote digiprom activities and/or videos on digiprom.social and get more out of it.


promote domains from your preferred partners or clients and give them the additional position.

Further a preferreddomain or website ...


It´s on your decision how much your clients will pay for your service. The cost for the domains and the DigiProm® License and the consulting for your business model should be the basement for your calculation.

Starting At $39


all cost are daily prices excl. VAT with a minimum promotion duration for one year

Starting At $99


all cost are daily prices excl. VAT with a minimum promotion duration for one year

3 Step Procedure

Easy to use and the next step to start your Omni Domain Marketing with a long-term perspective.


grant any company the possibility to get the additional performance and realtime services.

Domain Promotion

gives a effective overview which digiprom.solutions are available and displays the benefit for each domain.

Social Promotion

gives you a relevant impact if you use social media accounts. Register your trademark also as channel name on your social univers.

Video Promotion

for digiprom.solutions, your E-Commerce website and/or E-Commerce Shop with more than 150 products in stock.